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Frequently Asked

What does Volition Capital Investments do?

Volition is a private equity company helping the honest & hardworking create wealth and enjoy fulfilling lives. Our services include Deal Sourcing, Venture Funding, Due Diligence, Cooperative Management, and Investment Intelligence. 

What services does Volition offer?

Due Diligence 

Our due diligence service includes the following:

  1. Confirmation of company registration, Directors, and regulatory compliance (including insurance,  where applicable)
  2. Litigation, criminal & liability search
  3. Physical location verification
  4. Confirmation of audited accounts if any

Venture Funding  

Our Venture Funding service includes pitch deck reviews, due diligence, financial & product analysis, and deal structuring. 

We typically charge a professional fee to review deals on behalf of third parties. For deals we raise funds for directly, we include a carry fee of 20% of the returns on investor exit.

Investment Intelligence  

Our services include an investment education course by our Director, which can be accessed here, as well as commissioned investment feasibility reports for different economic sectors.

How do I apply for funding for my business?

Most of our venture investments are done through Volition Growth, a special fund set up for equity or debt investment. If you are interested in applying for funding, please send a pitch deck with the information below to [email protected]. Please be specific, based on the project(s) or business(es) you require funding for:


  • Product Description
  • Market Description
  • TAM - Total Available Market
  • EMS - Estimated Market Share
  • Growth Rate (Typically Month on Month)
  • Burn Rate


  • Historic audited or management accounts (up to 3 years where available)
  • Projections Showing Cashflow, EBIDTA, Margins, etc.
  • Value Proposition
What is Volition Cooperative about? ‍

Volition Cooperative is a licensed Multipurpose Society set up to help the honest and hardworking create wealth. The cooperative caters to individuals and organizations.

We are structured as a voluntary investment club and our members participate in joint investment opportunities monthly, in agriculture, real estate, and other sectors.

How can I join the cooperative?

Our cooperative is a private community which can be joined by referral only. You will need an existing member to vouch for you and to send you a referral code via email, to join. We do not solicit for public contributions.

What are Volition Cooperative’s monthly contribution pools like?

  • Our contribution pools range from low risk to medium risk.
  • You may contribute at any time during the year and monthly contributions are not mandatory after your first contribution.
  • Tenures range from 8 months to 5 years.
  • Returns begin from 8% and may go as high as 500%, depending on the nature of the contribution pool and the tenure. You are advised to contribute according to your risk profile.
Is the Cooperative insured?

Different asset classes in each contribution pool have varying levels of assurance. Please read our Cooperative Bye-Laws, Terms & Conditions, and Getting Started resources for details once you have a verified referral.

Do I need to pay a fee to join the cooperative?

Yes, you need to pay a membership fee for each contribution pool per annum. Please see “Getting Started” for a listing of fees once you have a verified referral.

What is the tenure for each investment?

Our contribution tenure ranges from 8 months to 5 years based on the member’s preference. Please see “Getting Started” for a listing of each pool’s tenure.

How long do I have to wait to contribute to a pool after creating an account?

You may start contributing immediately your profile is set up. However, we advise you to read “Getting Started” and watch our introductory videos to understand our contribution structure before you begin.

Will my returns be paid monthly?

Returns are paid at the end of your contribution tenure.

Can I monitor my contributions?

Yes. Your contributions are displayed on your member’s dashboard.

Are my Cooperative contributions guaranteed?

Some contribution pools are principal guaranteed. Others have varying degrees of risk. Please read “Getting started” for detailed pool descriptions.

Is it compulsory to contribute to the cooperative every month?

No, you may contribute at any time after your first contribution. However, we advise members to contribute as often as they can, to maximize their membership fees.

Can I liquidate my investment at any time?

Member funds are invested together within a pool; therefore, it is difficult to take out your funds before maturity, without disrupting the whole pool. Should you have an urgent need to liquidate, we will search for another member willing to buy you out

Why do I need to provide my BVN on sign up?

Your Bank Verification Number is a compulsory requirement of Nigeria’s Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) stipulations.