Investment Course

Would you like to improve your knowledge of investment opportunities in Nigeria? Then you should take our Director's investment course.

Here’s what you will get in more detail:

  1. Instructional Videos That Cover the Following:

    • Foundational principles of investing
    • Three investment indices you should track regularly
    • How to set up an investment account
    • Important documentation you will need for investing
    • Professional advisors you will need
    • Information on the different areas you can invest in including: Money market, stocks & shares, real estate, agriculture, exports and venture funding
    • How to start investing

  2. Access to a Whatsapp Discussion Group:

    • Over a 3-day period, you may ask questions and discuss platforms & institutions you may invest with.

  3. Support Emails:

  4. After the 3-Day Whatsapp engagement, your draft investment plan will be reviewed. You may also ask more questions or seek clarification over a one-week period.

  5. First Crack at Investment Opportunities:

  6. You have an option of joining an exclusive investment cooperative where you may invest in member-only deals.

How to Register

The cost of taking the Investment Course is ₦20,500 and takes place in the first or second week of every month. You will be added to a class based on your payment date. Please register here. If you experience difficulty, you may pay directly to GTBank 0222789689 and then email your transaction receipt and WhatsApp number to: For international payments, you may also request for PayPal details.