3,000 Africans on the Path to Financial Independence

Volition Cap’s investment club, Vizient Coop, has helped 45% of its 3,000 members achieve financial independence in 3 years. Members were able to meet daily expenses from investment returns.

Historic African Media and Entertainment Fund

Volition Cap launched the first private equity fund for the African movie industry to deploy investment clubs. This led to major milestones, including the production of the biggest budget Nollywood movie till date, The Black Book, which was sold to Nteflix. This achievement has ushered in a new era in Nollywood.

$30 Million Agribusiness and Real Estate Fund Transforming Lives in Rural Africa

Volition Cap created a unique $30 million fund for African agriculture and real estate projects, using investment clubs. The fund pooled resources for small-scale farmers and real estate developments in underserved towns, providing vital capital. Volition Cap’s fund is fostering economic growth and enhancing livelihoods in rural African communities.

10,000 Africans Empowered with Financial Literacy

Volition Cap’s investment courses have equipped over 10,000 Africans with the skills to manage their finances wisely.

Designed for Africans and diasporans, the investment courses span basic financial literacy to advanced topics like investment planning.

White Paper on Wealth Creation for Africans and Diasporans

Middle-class Africans and Diasporans must create wealth 7-10x faster than their counterparts to close generational wealth gaps. Volition Cap’s and Opportunik’s White Paper addresses the factors that prevent the middle-class from growing wealth. It advocates for accelerated prosperity through cooperatives (investment clubs), cross-border investing, and remittances.

First Global Fund for Africans by Africans

The hurdles faced by African investors include high barriers to global opportunities, volatile exchange rates, persistent inflation & taxation, and inadequate returns. Designed by Africans for Africans, Volition Cap partnered with Opportunik to create a global fund offering tailored investments to middle-class and mass-affluent Africans and Diasporans. By combating access inequality, we prove that nothing can hinder hardworking individuals from achieving their financial dreams.