Join a Mastermind Group

Are you passionate about amplifying your wealth, expanding your business or fostering meaningful connections? Then our exclusive Mastermind groups are for you.

These groups are led by registered fund managers and award-winning entrepreneurs. They are tailored to accelerate wealth, scale businesses, and build community.

Benefits of Joining a Mastermind

Monthly Knowledge Sessions

Learn something new in our monthly virtual meetings. Ask questions and receive answers in a safe space.

Community Chat Group

Join a chat platform for relevant resources, experiences, and peer-to-peer learning.


Gain access to a shared digital library of resources and meeting recordings.

Join Our Wealth Mastermind

This exclusive community is designed with clear goals in mind: to accelerate wealth creation, facilitate financial independence, and create generational legacies.

Join Our Business Mastermind

This exclusive community is designed to scale businesses with an emphasis on global partnerships.

Membership Commitment

To ensure members take the platform seriously, they contribute any amount from $100 (N100,000), which is valid for a year.