White Paper

Accelerating Wealth Creation for Middle-Class Africans & Diasporans


Executive Summary

This White Paper is a publication of Volition Capital Investments Limited and Opportunik Global Fund. Its primary objective is to communicate our core investment thesis and philosophy on wealth creation, particularly as it relates to middle-class Africans, and their counterparts in the more affluent destination countries they emigrate to.

Our research shows that there are significant wealth gaps between middle-class and mass affluent Africans and between people of Black Ethnicities (Diasporans) and other ethnicities.

To close the gaps and give the children of the middle-class valid paths to prosperity, there is a need for this demographic to create wealth at a rate that is 7-10x faster than their counterparts.

In our paper, we examine the middle-class and the dynamics that affect their capacity to create wealth, including income, assets, access to investment opportunities, and consumption patterns.

We then make an important case for the use of local investment clubs, cross-border investments and remittances, as a means to accelerate wealth creation. Finally, recommendations are made on how middle-class Africans and diasporans can use transnational collective investments to grow wealth.


1. Whereas the wage gap is the difference in earnings from labour among different races and ethnicities, the wealth gap describes the disparity of cumulative assets across races and ethnicities. This disparity results from differences in income and in the historical accumulation of assets across generations.

2. In Africa, investment clubs are more commonly known as cooperatives.


Subomi Plumptre

Kola Oyeneyin